Our Warranty & Insurance

last update: Feb 1 2023

Lifetime Warranty

The edelkrone Lifetime Warranty covers non-moving and non-electronic parts of the products. However, the warranty only covers moving parts and electronics for 2 years. Parts such as belts, thumbscrews, rubber feet, wheel rubbers, mounting ports, and mounting screws are not included in the warranty.


Free Lifetime Insurance

All edelkrone products come with free Lifetime Insurance, which covers parts not covered by the warranty. This insurance allows you to get replacement parts for free, up to 50% of the product's value. Alternatively, you can send the non-functioning product back to us and purchase a new replacement at a 50% discount. Note that the new replacement product won't have insurance coverage. edelkrone may ask you to pay for shipping and can choose to offer replacement parts instead of a discounted product.